Need A Specialty Procedure?
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We care about your eyes and vision, and you can trust that Houser Newman Associates will take care of any procedure that you need. We have the specialists to help you with any of your eye procedures. Whether you are beginning to have trouble seeing, or just need a check up, the ophthalmology practice of Houser Newman Associates should be your first call. We take your eye care very seriously, and we perform appropriate tests to diagnose and treat any eye-care issues that may arise. Our staff is always ready to welcome you and provide you with the best eye care services possible. These services include:

Low Vision

A low vision specialist helps patients with limited visual ability optimize their remaining vision. They are specialized in low vision testing, diagnosis, and treatment, and are trained to conduct low vision eye examinations and prescribe special low vision devices.


A retinal specialist diagnoses retinal and vitreous diseases through a detailed eye examination using highly technical equipment and testing. Retinal specialists treat conditions such as age-related macular degeneration, retinal detachment, and other disorders of the back of the eye.