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with locations in Tamaqua, Nesquehoning, and Palmerton, PA

Join a Team with an Esteemed Reputation in Pennsylvania

Houser Newman Associates, with our esteemed reputation in Pennsylvania, remains a forerunner in the realm of eye care. Guided by the expertise of Dr. Angela G. Houser, our institution promises exceptional eye care services across our three distinct locations. As a center of excellence, it beckons those who are zealous about advancing in the field of ophthalmology. A career with Houser Newman Associates means being a part of a legacy of excellence, learning, and community engagement. Those with a passion for ophthalmology will undoubtedly find our office a nurturing ground for their aspirations. To learn more about Houser Newman Associates contact us at (570) 386-5926.

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Expertise and Excellence

Founded and led by the experienced Dr. Angela G. Houser, Houser Newman Associates has continually set benchmarks in delivering unparalleled eye care. From routine eye checks to intricate surgical interventions, patients can be assured of comprehensive and specialized care. Each team member, under Dr. Houser’s guidance, gains hands-on experience and becomes adept at addressing diverse eye issues, making this institution an epitome of excellence in ophthalmology.

Opportunities for Growth

A career at Houser Newman Associates is not merely employment; it’s an enriching journey. The emphasis on continuous learning, combined with exposure to various facets of ophthalmology, ensures that every team member enjoys professional development. Regular training sessions, workshops, and the opportunity to learn directly from Dr. Houser herself ensure that our staff is always abreast of the latest advancements in eye care.

Engaging with the Community

Beyond delivering superior eye care, Houser Newman Associates takes pride in our community engagement. With initiatives aimed at increasing awareness about eye health and preventive measures, employees can profoundly impact the local community. Our community-centered ethos enables team members to extend our influence beyond the clinic, fostering a sense of purpose and fulfillment.